In & Out


In & Out features the writing of poet Fanny Howe and SX-70 Polaroids made by Robert Gardner during the filming of Ika Hands in 1981. Gardner shot a series of 87 images (one every twenty seconds) from a fixed position that captured the activity in the doorway of an Ika dwelling. In 2009, the images were given to Fanny Howe, who shuffled them, and wrote a short poem that weaves the images together in a new way.

34 pages, unfolded jacket size is 40″ x 12″, folded size is 9 1/2″ x 12″. The inside of the book jacket displays a grid of all 87 images in chronological order and selected images are reproduced full size in the book itself. First edition of 250 signed and numbered copies. Designed by Fogelson-Lubliner, printed November 2009 by Meridian Press.

Fanny Howe is a recipient of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize (2009), theGriffin Poetry Prize (2005), and the Lenore Marshall and Poetry Prize (2001).